Common Indicators That a Property Needs Restumping and Reblocking Adelaide

House Restumping and Reblocking in Adelaide

Stump replacement Adelaide and reblocking are processes related to repairing and reinforcing the foundations of a property. Restumping involves replacing the stumps or posts that support a house. Reblocking refers to works on the footings and foundations beneath the stumps.

Restumping Adelaide

Together, restumping and reblocking aim to level the home, stop subsidence, and provide a stable base that resists shifting or movement. These processes are typical restorative jobs required in older Adelaide homes affected by loose or reactive soils or without foundation maintenance.

Restumping and reblocking are essential maintenance tasks for homes in Adelaide, as the properties are prone to shifting and sinking due to variable soil conditions. Knowing when to look for signs that a restump and reblock are needed can prevent further structural damage.

Common Indicators That a Property Needs Restumping and Reblocking Adelaide

Uneven Floors or Sloping Floors

If the floors feel uneven when walking on them or appear to slope or slant downwards visibly, this often indicates sinking and movement of the stumps/footings. A spirit level can confirm the extent of the unevenness. A slope of more than 10mm over 1.8m is considered problematic.

Cracks in Walls and Ceilings

Fine cracks in internal walls or ceilings indicate the home’s frame is shifting due to unstable footings. However, large jagged cracks are a major red flag for foundation issues. The cracks typically worsen progressively over time if not addressed.

Doors and Windows Sinking

If doors and windows suddenly become extremely difficult to open and close, the house frame is likely sagging and out of alignment due to completely undermined stumps.

Gaps Around Doors, Windows and Skirting Boards

Increased and noticeable gaps around doors, windows and between floorboards and skirting boards suggest movement and instability in the structure.

Tap or Visual Inspection

A thorough inspection of the house by a building professional can confirm if existing stumps are rotten, cracked or sinking into the ground.

Pest Damage

Termites can rapidly compromise the structural integrity of restumping timbers. Their presence is a danger sign.

Age of the Property

Houses over 50 years old that have never been restumped have an increased chance of needing the work done.

Blocked Pipes or Drains

If pipes or drains under the house become blocked too often, it may be due to shifting soil or stagnant water runoff around failing foundations.

Moisture Stains on Walls

Water infiltration at the base of walls indicates erosion around footings that needs urgent attention. Staining elsewhere may hint at plumbing leaks.

Step Cracks in Brickwork

Straight, vertical cracks through brick walls often appear when foundations shift. The gaps correspond with the locations of stumps/footings.

Reasons Why House Stumps Can Deteriorate Over Time, Requiring Tumpingres

Termite Damage

Termites feed on the wood of timber stumps, compromising their integrity and eroding the structural support for the home. Even treated pine stumps can succumb to termite infestations. Regular termite inspections and control are essential.

Rot and Decay

Wooden stumps exposed to moisture in the soil will eventually rot, causing them to weaken, crack and sink unevenly into the ground over the years. Good ventilation under the home can help minimise rot.

Soil Erosion

Soils can erode or subside around and underneath footings over time, undermining the stability of the stumps. Proper drainage and maintenance of the soil grade are essential.

Harsh Weather

Exposure to rain, floods, or other adverse weather events can cause timber stumps to deteriorate. The cyclic wetting and drying also degrades the wood.

Age and Wear

Old stumps in place for decades will naturally weaken with age as the wood fibres break down. Stumps may split or shear with use over time.

Poor Maintenance

Lack of maintenance, like treatment against pests or rot, and failure to address issues like soil erosion can accelerate deterioration. Regular inspections help detect problems.

Plumbing Leaks

Leaky pipes or overflow can create pools of moisture under the home that compromise stump integrity. Fixing plumbing issues helps prevent premature failure.

Adelaide Homes Sinking? Call In Underpinning Adelaide for Superior Restumping and Reblocking

Living in Adelaide means keeping watch for signs your home’s stumps and foundations need maintenance. You can prevent structural issues by periodically restumping and reblocking before they worsen.

As a specialist in foundation repairs, Underpinning Adelaide uses advanced methods to relevel homes and reinforce foundations. Our experienced team inspects properties to advise if stump replacement Adelaide, reblocking or other repairs are required. Trust us to resolve structural issues and keep your Adelaide home safe and durable through our high-quality services.

Having second thoughts about your Adelaide property foundation? Contact us today to arrange an assessment!

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