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We Offer Reliable Underpinning Services in North Adelaide

When signs show your North Adelaide property’s ground is sinking, quick yet hidden repairs can quietly strengthen weak bases before more damage happens. With beautiful old stone buildings lining the streets, you want to avoid messy exterior maintenance and underpinning North Adelaide methods can fix underground issues without changing prized faces.

We use samples, scans, and scopes to understand underground problems. Then, we make custom plans to privately fix the land beneath North Adelaide buildings and the nearby suburbs of Thorngate, Birkenhead, and Medindie. Our methods fit the area’s unique dirt and rocks. Repairs happen quietly through hidden indoor entry points.

We Offer a Wide Range of Underpinning North Adelaide Services

Foundation Restumping and Reblocking

Have you spotted wonky wooden stumps or crumbling bricks holding up your floor frames? No problem; our team replaces damaged stumps or bricks with sturdy new concrete posts or pine blocks packed well and properly. This levels out saggy floors and walls, stopping sticky doors in their tracks. We check if some stumps or blocks need fixing or if the underfloor needs a redo for safety.

Restumping Adelaide

Foundation Underpinning

When lone concrete slabs or brick footing sections start sinking underneath tired commercial buildings or homes, underpinning reinforces them before bigger problems spread. We carefully drill, inject, or pile in extra supports anchoring into bedrock so the area won’t budge. Laser levels guide our neat approach using the latest gear and resins built to last, with minimum digging required.

Underpinning Adelaide

Foundation Crack Repairs

Left alone, little outdoor cracks let rain seep down underneath to erode bigger gaps behind, causing pricey damage. Our experts zoom in and seal up those pesky cracks by pressure-injecting stretchy filler from the surface. This glues cracked walls together to block moisture for good results the neighbours won’t notice.

Underpinning Adelaide

Foundation Waterproofing

We have surface coatings for a quick-fix moisture barrier across ageing Adelaide Hills properties with leaky walls or pooled water below. Full underground waterproof membranes for seriously soggy sites safely redirect rain runoff while blocking rising dampness. 

Underpinning Adelaide

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Benefits of Underpinning in North Adelaide

Stabilised Foundations

Underpinning stabilises weak or sinking foundations by transferring the building’s weight to load-bearing strata or bedrock. This provides a solid base and prevents further settling.

Lifted and Leveled Floors

We can precisely lift and level sunken concrete slabs or uneven floors through mud jacking or by installing lifting piers. This corrects tripping hazards and makes floors look visually appealing.

Eliminated Cracks

Lifting and reinforcing foundations and underpinnings can eliminate small cracks throughout your property’s walls, ceilings, and larger structural cracks. This prevents further structural damage.

Increased Property Value

By stopping foundation issues before they worsen, underpinning protects your property’s value. Straightened walls and floors also increase resale value and make selling easier.

Prevented Water Intrusion

Underpinning can lift and relevel sunken exterior concrete areas around the home to improve drainage and prevent water from intruding into the property during heavy rains.

Why Hire Us for Underpinning Services in North Adelaide?

Here are some key reasons to hire us for underpinning services in North Adelaide:

  • Experience and Expertise: Our company has decades of experience, specifically providing underpinning and foundation repair services in Adelaide. Our engineers and technicians are fully trained and qualified to assess your property’s issues and implement the best solutions.
  • Advanced Equipment & Techniques: We utilise the most advanced equipment and proven techniques for underpinning, such as steel piers and concrete pilings, to provide reliable, long-lasting foundation stabilisation and lifting.
  • Minimal Disruption: We take great care to cause as little disruption as possible to your home or business during the underpinning process so you can carry on with life undisrupted. We section off our work areas and efficiently coordinate the project.
  • Fully Licensed and Insured: Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. We meet all industry and safety standards.
Underpinning Adelaide

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